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Aluminum and Wood Replacement Windows San Antonio

Even though aluminum windows have been slowly replaced over time by cheaper alternatives, such as vinyl and fiberglass, they have some specific characteristics that draw consumers toward them in the search for correct windows. Aluminum is incredibly strong, which means they can be constructed with fairly thin frames/sashes. That allows more area of the window to be left for the pane of glass itself and makes them the prime choice for architects. They can also be created with a wide variety of colors that are more long lasting than on other materials.
Unfortunately, though, they have some drawbacks that stand out. Metal is a great thermal conductor, meaning it doesn’t insulate well against exterior temperatures. It expands and contracts quickly compared to glass which puts stress on the seals. It is immune to moisture, insects, and rot, however it’s more susceptible to being corroded by air and salt so they are a poor choice for coastal climates.
An alternative version to the purely aluminum frame is “aluminum clad”, featuring a wood frame enveloped by an aluminum covering. These offer better insulation than all-aluminum versions, but even these do not insulate as well as vinyl and fiberglass.

Wood window frames aren’t as durable because they can be more effected by rot and insects, and they require more maintenance. They also cost more. But wood has a certain quality that few building materials can compare to with it’s warmth and natural beauty, so it still remains the #1 choice for many homeowners focused on aesthetics.
It insulates fine, and with modern treatment techniques and hardware they are no longer drafty. On the downside, wood doesn’t withstand harsh weather without maintenance. You need to inspect them every year for the beginning signs of wear and deterioration and repair cracks in paint or caulk.
They accept paint and stain willingly, and the workability of the material is ideal for custom designs. They can accommodate almost any design vision if you’re wiling to pay custom pricing. Rather than just sticking to standard double-hung or casement windows, some homeowners have explored the option of utilizing wood windows to instead have designs such as awning windows, Jalousie windows, or glass block windows. If you are upgrading or renovating a historic home and wish to maintain authenticity, wood is the ideal choice.

If you are curious about the alternative designs some homeowners have been exploring, awning windows are hinged along the top edge so they swing out from the bottom. They shine in providing ventilation while keeping out the elements. They’re ideal for bathrooms and basements. Jalousie windows- also known as louvered windows, named for The Louvre art museum in France- contain glass slats which open and close in unison similar to shutters. They can be a challenge to seal completely so they are more feasible to use in mild climate, but design-wise they earn retro style points. Glass block windows are made from individual blocks of glass sealed together into one unit within an aluminum or vinyl frame. They can either be fixed or operable in the casement or awning style. 

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