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Benefits of Casement Windows San Antonio TX

When looking for what windows would be the best fit for your home, casement windows are often overlooked by other popular styles such as double-hung, single-hung, slider, and fixed. However, this unique window style is worth considering as it has a lot of benefits you may not be aware of. 

Your first question may be: what are they? Some windows open and close by sliding the sash (framed section holding a pane of glass) up and down or side to side, but casement windows swing open horizontally like doors with the hinges attached on one side. Most of them operate by turning a crank to open and close them, but some- usually older ones- have a latch and you can just push the window open and pull it closed when it’s unlatched. When it’s open, a tensioning device holds it in place. When it’s closed, there is a latch that closes the sash tight against the weather-stripping for a solid seal. 

Casement windows are the only type of window available to general consumers that fully open. All other windows only open halfway, such as the double-hung which opens halfway from the top or bottom or sliding windows which only open from one side. The fact that casement windows open at an angle can also promote airflow into your house, which is great for cooling naturally and circulating air. 

One issue with them is that the mechanical crank can fail, so many manufacturers have worked to improve their design. Now, there are some available on the market without a mechanical operating system (crank) that you can just push open and pull closed and a tensioning device moves freely to accommodate that. 

A massive benefit that people fail to realize is they offer clear views. Fixed windows offer large, clear, unobstructed views and have a very modern look, but they don’t open. Casement windows are the only type of window that opens, but is capable of displaying a full sheet of glass for an unobstructed view when closed. All other windows have- at least- one strip dividing the window as there are at least two sashes for each of them. However, casement windows can contain strips if you desire for aesthetics. Since they don’t need them for structure though, if you really love the appearance and minimalism of modern fixed windows but aren’t sure if you can compromise on using your windows for a fresh breeze, casement windows are the perfect alternative.  

Casement windows are also more secure than other windows. No type of replacement windows in San Antonio can guarantee to stop intruders entirely because they can always break the glass, but casement windows are very hard to break into. After breaking the glass on other windows, the intruder can reach in and turn the latch to open the window all the way without having to deal with the broken glass. But with casement windows that open with a crank, even once they have access to the crank it’s a challenge to crank it open through broken glass. You can make it even more secure by removing the crank when not in use and keeping it nearby but out of reach.

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