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Viva 4600 Single Hung

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The Viva 4600 SH (Single Hung) is our most affordable single hung window. It is the Viva Windows standard with specifications which clearly surpass those of our competitors. These windows offer ventilation through a single lower sash. This window combines performance and thermal efficiency with exceptional value.
  • Fully welded frame
  • Sloped sill for water evacuation
  • 2 ⅞” depth
  • Structural interlock for added security and ease of use
  • Standard LoE 366 insulated glass
  • Aesthetically pleasing exterior
  • Slim sight lines maximize open glass area
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Dual weather stripping
  • Two locks on windows 24” wide or larger
  • High grade locks come standard
  • DP50 performance
  • A wide spectrum of colors available
  • Available in black laminate
  • Lower tilting sash for easier cleaning


The Viva 4600 SH is specifically designed for outstanding performance in the south central Texas region. All single hung windows come standard with a sloped sill to assist with water run off. In addition, these windows include dual weather stripping,which maintains the integrity of seals and waterproofing. The Lawrence high grade sweep locks combined with the aluminum reinforced meeting rails and structural interlocks, prevent tampering and ensure the highest level of security. Further, premium night vent latches keep the window from being opened more than a few inches while allowing fresh air to come in. The window has a great U-Value of .27 with LoE & Argon, and an impressive U-Value of .25 with double LoE. A combined R-value of 3.86, makes this window highly thermally efficient, a benefit which will result in substantial energy savings. Essentially, this window will pay for itself. All Viva Windows products are fabricated using the highest grade American extruded vinyl from Veka with the best insulated glass (270 and 366 LoE from Cardinal) filled with argon. Every window and door surpasses thermal energy standards. Replacing your old windows and/or doors with high quality windows and doors from Viva Windows will immediately increase your home value. We take pride in our manufacturing and craftsmanship and provide a limited lifetime warranty standard on every window and door.

Glass Options

Cardinal 366 Cardinal 270
Although windows provide beautiful views and wonderful natural light, they can account for up to 50% of the heating and cooling energy consumed in a home. Given the south Texas climate, energy efficiency is a must and a top priority at Viva Windows. Since Cardinal Glass sets the standard for energy efficient glass in the industry, it is the obvious choice for our replacement windows and doors. We are pleased to offer two glass options that meet our uncompromising requirements: Cardinal LoĒ²-270 and Cardinal LoĒ³-366. In summer, this glass rejects the sun’s heat and damaging rays but in winter, it blocks heat loss to the cold weather. In short, they can save energy year round. We are dedicated to providing the best window and door replacement solutions to homeowners. For that reason, we use only the highest quality materials in our manufacturing process which includes Cardinal Glass. Every window and door surpasses thermal energy standards. We take pride in our manufacturing and craftsmanship and provide a limited lifetime warranty standard on every window and door.

Cardinal LoĒ²-270 (Best)

  • Patented LoĒ² coating
  • High performance solar control
  • Exceptional visual clarity
  • Reduces window heat gain by 50%
  • Superior insulating capability
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Outperforms other tinted glass
  • No heavy bronze or dark tints
  • In summer: blocks 86% of ultraviolet rays and 63% of the sun’s heat
  • In winter: reflects heat into rooms
  • Hurricane-resistant glass available

Cardinal LoĒ³-366 (Ultimate)

  • Patented third layer silver coating
  • Ultimate performance glass
  • Provides ideal balance of solar control and high visibility
  • Highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings
  • ENERGY STAR compliant
  • Superior insulating capability
  • Outperforms all other tinted glass
  • In summer: blocks 95% of ultraviolet rays with exceptional fade protection
  • In winter: reflects heat into rooms
  • Hurricane-resistant glass available

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